lundi 11 avril 2016

Nice Taxi Transfers to St. Tropez

St Tropez  is one of the most famous vacation destination  in the world. Situated in a beautiful bay with a crescent-shaped. architectural and historical city.

There are a lot of  Nice  Taxis available for hire but how to choose the best company to provide us with the best service?

If you have travelled a lot you should know how to avoid being overcharged and the easiest way is to check the prices from Internet for such a private transfer Nice airport  service from Nice  to St Tropez. Usually the most reputable companies will be on first page of google and checking their prices you can see how they vary. Private transfers  Taxi VTC Nice are the best choice from any other service like boarding a taxi or using a shuttle. Although the shuttle service is cheaper if you travel on your own it can take up to 4 hours from leaving the airport to your accommodation. ST  TROPEZ  has lots of hotels and for a shuttle bus takes lots of time to go to each drop off point. Shuttle services are usually used by tour operators where they have at least a few dozen tourists to each hotel and it's relatively quick.

In some cases private transfers can be even cheaper than the shuttle nice airport. This is when your travel 3 or more of 3 passengers and booking a car , mini van or mini bus which are all available from a private transfer provider. It's really comfortable for a large family of 5-6 to hire a 7 or 8 seater van and to get in no time to the hotel . Another advantage of the private taxi is that the driver will be waiting for you at the arrival hall with a signboard with your name on it. All the prices are fixed and doesn't increase if your flight is delayed or for some other reason. For booking a private driver visit  Your transport will be waiting for you whatever the delay is or another vehicle will be schedule for you. All the drivers speak perfect English and Spanish languages and they have extended knowledge of the area. If you want any advises do not hesitate to ask the drivers , they can give you a detailed information for everything – currency exchange, best beaches, good restaurants , medical centers , kids play clubs and information about all the excursions available from St Tropez.

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